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    Cost analyses and scenarios for more profitability

    How to make reliable and fast project decisions


    Profitability through cost and scenario analyses

    In the context of corporate management, opportunities and risks of new investments, project plans and offer must be known in order to be able to estimate financial consequences. Uncertainties over a longer planning horizon can be analyzed with cost and scenario analysis and the results can be used for reliable corporate and financial planning.

    In order to be able to reliably evaluate project costs, profitability and demand planning, different assumptions are used. The aim is to develop scenarios and make decision-relevant information transparent. The more information is available and the more effects are simulated, the more reliably decisions can be made. 

    Learn how to decide projects quickly and confidently in the white paper. The following contents await you:

    • Use of scenario analyses for cost assessment
    • Conditions for reliable cost analyses
    • Project review with cost data distributed throughout the enterprise
    • Preparing project decisions quickly and reliably 

    Learn how to quickly implement cost and scenario analyses with Enterprise Product Costing and calculate product and project costs with high cost transparency.

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    Katharina Gador

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