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The Path to a Cost Engineering Revolution

Accelerate cost estimation & CO2 analysis time by 80% using Low-Code


Unlock the potential of Low-Code for revolutionary cost engineering and procurement

Many cost engineers and purchasers still rely on historical costing data without working with a rule-based framework. This leads to suboptimal decisions and operational inefficiencies.

Discover in our white paper how to overcome these challenges and revolutionize your cost engineering and procurement.

Learn how Low-Code facilitates data flow between departments and enables easy sharing across different tools and systems. This universal language unifies information sources and tools relevant to cost engineering.

Key takeaways

  • Low-Code can accelerate cost estimation and CO2 analysis time by 80%
  • Low-Code can help cost engineers align with sustainability objectives, such as adhering to CO2 emission standards
  • Traditional knowledge transfer processes in cost engineering can be inefficient and create information silos
  • Synera Run can democratize automation and bridge the gap between expertise and accessibility
  • The cost estimation process can be vulnerable to critical knowledge gaps when valuable knowledge is concentrated within a select few individuals

This white paper is ideal for professionals involved in cost engineering, procurement, and decision-making roles within manufacturing organizations, including:

  • Cost Engineers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Business leaders

To access the free document, use the form on this page. You can then read and download the PDF file in your browser.



Katharina Gador

Manager Marketing & Product Management


Senior Manager Marketing & Product Management