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    Results-oriented Decision-making

    Transparent business case, a tool for effective enterprise management


    The management of manufacturing companies make decisions on a day-today basis that lay the foundation for success or failure. Decision-making processes are optimally supported when the resulting effects are transparent and alternatives are known.
    The ideal preparation of decisions is a decisive success factor in the context of result-oriented enterprise management. This requires business cases that are clear, precise and can be understood as the result of the entire cost and profit accounting.

    The challenges and problems surrounding the creation of business cases lie in the high complexity of the methods, the number of departments involved and the large number of assumptions, which often lead to long processing times and inconsistent results.

    IT systems for Enterprise Product Costing (EPC) offer support here. They are designed to quickly consolidate and clearly present even large quantities of data, make schematic comparisons of calculations and shed valuable light on cost optimization potential. They also help ensure uniform data sources and standardized calculation logic. This makes preparing business cases significantly faster, more efficient and complete.

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    Katharina Gador

    Content Marketing & PR Manager


    Sales Director | FACTON