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Should Costing: Achieve Best Prices for Purchased Parts

Understand cost structures of suppliers via should-cost analysis and identify optimization potential


Download our free white paper Should Costing

For successful negotiation results in purchasing, cost engineering teams must be able to comprehensibly determine and quickly analyze cost structures of purchased components from suppliers.

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Identify potential savings in purchasing more quickly

Learn in our white paper how buyers can quickly understand supplier cost structures and get the best price for purchased parts.

White paper Should Costing - Contents at a glance

  • Targeted value creation in a complex environment
  • Reasons why cost targets are often not achieved
  • Should Costing as part of Enterprise Product Costing
  • Valid data as a basis for costing in purchasing
  • Use uniform and realistic cost models
  • Target price calculation across the product levels
  • Coordinate cost reduction measures in the team

Should Costing is used as an important component to increase the value added share in the company. To access the free white paper, please complete and submit the form on this page. Next, you can open the PDF in your browser and read and download it.



Katharina Gador

Manager Marketing & Product Management


Senior Manager Marketing & Product Management