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How the Manufacturing Industry Combines Sustainability and Profitability

Parallel assessment of product costs and emissions in cost estimates and quotations


Free white paper: valuation of CO2 emissions

Since carbon trading, sustainability has become a critical component of strategic management. Government regulations, ESG guidelines, and shareholder demands drive carbon-neutral production.

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What do we think about it? The manufacturing industry must evaluate sustainability and profitability along the value chain. They achieve long-term profits by considering product costs and CO₂ emissions parallel in every cost calculation.

Reducing emissions and staying profitable

In the white paper, learn how to calculate emissions from products and ensure transparency in cost calculations and customer projects.

  • What role does cost transparency play in the calculation of climate-neutral production?
  • What is the impact of emissions assessment on the value chain?
  • How can sustainability and profitability be considered together as strategic corporate goals?

The white paper includes key figures from the industry and reflects trends and approaches to assessing emissions and product costs.

To access the free document, use the form on this page. You can then read and download the PDF file in your browser.



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Manager Marketing & Product Management


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