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    The Path to a Profit-oriented Enterprise

    Active cost management with Enterprise Product Costing


    More and more companies are beginning to realize that cost management needs to be a key part of their business strategy. However, in practice enterprises rarely implement the processes and IT structures required to accurately identify and optimize costs. Important cost-related decisions 

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    Cost transparency requires active cost management

    With an integrated Enterprise Product Costing (EPC) approach, costings are not only prepared uniformly throughout the company, but also across locations and departments. All departments work based on uniform standards. Development, product and manufacturing costs are fully transparent across all phases of the product lifecycle. Cost reduction potentials become visible at an early stage.

    We present the following features:

    • What are the barriers to reliable cost management?
    • Stuck in the middle between customers and suppliers
    • Practically advantages of Enterprise Product Costing


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    Katharina Gador

    Manager Marketing & Product Management


    Global Sales Director