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    Results-oriented Decision-making

    Transparent business case, a tool for effective enterprise management


    Every day in manufacturing companies, decisions must be made that can lay the foundations for success or failure. However, managers can only make optimum decisions when the resulting effects are made transparent and alternatives are evaluated in advance. Thus, optimal decision preparation is a crucial factor for success within the context of results-oriented enterprise management. Clear, concise business cases can facilitate this process. They should be seen as the result of the overall cost and profitability analysis process. Unfortunately, many industrial enterprises have significant deficiencies when it comes to preparing business cases. One of the main problems: Managers only focus their attention on the completed business case – they frequently do not have an overview of how it was prepared. This is why they are unaware of the challenges and problems surrounding business case preparation: The highly complex methods, the number of departments involved, the many assumptions that need to be made, etc. often result in longer processing times and inconsistent results.


    IT systems for Enterprise Product Costing (EPC) offer support here. They are designed to quickly consolidate and clearly present even large quantities of data, make schematic comparisons of calculations and shed valuable light on cost optimization potential. They also help ensure uniform data sources and standardized calculation logic. This makes preparing business cases significantly faster, more efficient and complete.


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