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Strategic partner for the Smart Industry

Leverage the advantages of a powerful partner for your production with the Smart Manufacturing software portfolio 

Software solutions in line with Smart Manufacturing

FACTON became part of Constellation Software Inc. in 2021, Canada's largest software and most successful technology company of the last decade [TSX: CSU]. This brings the power of the world's 8th-strongest software brand to our customers. Within Constellation, we offer the Smart Manufacturing Portfolio, a product range of proven and complementary solutions for intelligent manufacturing.

Solutions for Smart Manufacturing

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Thinking ahead with digital product costing 

FACTON is a leading provider of Enterprise Product Costing solutions for the manufacturing industry. The FACTON EPC Suite empowers manufacturing companies to achieve profitability and sustainability throughout their products' lifecycle with simplified costing workflows, focus on cost transparency, and reliable cost estimates and quotations.

Shoplogix is a company that provides real-time performance monitoring and optimization solutions for manufacturing plants. Its solutions help discrete manufacturers to deliver real-time operational performance data that integrates with their manufacturing process - driving insights with a positive impact on productivity and efficiency.

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Transforming manufacturers into smart factories 
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Flexible MES solutions for the smart factory

Proxia develops, implements, and supports Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software to improve the planning process, performance management, and KPI tracking for customers in the capital goods, tooling, automotive, plastics, and chemical industries.

CrescentOne provides discrete manufacturing ERP software and solutions, which empower manufacturing firms, assembly operations, and mixed-mode companies worldwide to streamline, administer and expand their operations. 

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Manufacturing ERP Software Driving Industry 4.0

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Streamline operations with ERP Manufacturing

INDUSTRIOS provides scalable and flexible ERP manufacturing software solutions for production planning and control. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software application enables discrete manufacturers to plan, execute, monitor, and analyze all aspects of their operations.

With the software solutions from the Smart Manufacturing portfolio, we support corporate goals for efficiency, productivity, and flexibility in manufacturing with advanced technologies and many years of expertise. 

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