Business Case Simulator

    Simulate project and production costs and record the effects on company key figures in real time


    How do long-term price agreements affect the return on sales? If payment dates are extended, what impact will this have on working capital? Manufacturing companies are frequently asked to account for these scenarios as they calculate investment projects or customer projects and to record the effects on the company's key figures. With the FACTON EPC Business Case Simulator, production and project costs can be easily simulated. The software-supported forecasts and cost analyses record the effects on the company's key figures in real time.
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    Automate simulations and use results in real time

    With the FACTON EPC Business Case Simulator, enterprises have the ability to shed light on cost calculations based on a “what if” examination. The enterprise solution uses the data from the calculation of a customer project and simulates costs and key figures on the basis of given economic and financial assumptions. Within a very short time, a large number of variables can be mapped in various scenarios. The results are provided in real time.

    Quickly create and edit project scenarios

    The FACTON EPC Business Case Simulator automates the cost simulation process. After entering the relevant parameters such as sales or financial key figures, the cost scenario is available. The application calculates the impact on the project for the year and displays the key performance indicators. The parameters can be adjusted individually. Each change automatically leads to a recalculation of the values. Departments such as Sales, Finance or Controlling simulate cost calculations directly in the solution without the need for a cost engineer to recreate a detailed calculation.

    The Business Case Simulator uses the infrastructure of the FACTON EPC platform, which supports fast and standardized work in international teams. Users can create unlimited scenarios, compare them with each other and version the simulations as required.

    Decide projects on a reliable data basis

    Using the software application, manufacturing companies calculate the impact of a project on profitability in advance. The results are always based on the company's own key figures and take into account the effects of long-term agreements or different interest rates on capital. The financial and economic development of the project is transparent throughout the lifecycle.

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    Your advantages at a glance:

    • High degree of automation
    • Adapt scenarios ad hoc
    • Ensure profitability for large customer projects
    • Identify the opportunities and risks of a project with large amounts of data
    • Shorten response times to customer inquiries

    Based on the FACTON EPC platform:

    • High scalability
    • Offline capability
    • Integrated reporting
    • Easy on-premises operation
    • Secure use in the cloud

    Capture chances and risks of a project quickly with the FACTON EPC Business Case Simulator. Check directly in negotiations how new parameters influence the calculation.

    Best Practices

    Video: FACTON EPC Business Case Simulator

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    Video: FACTON EPC Business Case Simulator

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    White Paper: Results-Oriented Decision-Making

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