The FACTON EPC Platform

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    The FACTON EPC platform supports fast, standardized work in international teams of any size. A comprehensive set of all of the data relevant to product costing is available at any time. The platform enables rapid implementations both in the cloud and on-premises. Adaptations and enhancements can be implemented quickly and flexibly.

    The advantages at a glance:

    • Scalability: The FACTON EPC platform provides a highly scalable client-server infrastructure. Analysts scattered throughout the world can perform costing and analyses on their local workstations and remain connected to a scalable application server farm using efficient communication protocols.
    • Modern infrastructure: The modern infrastructure ensures that users are distributed evenly across the available application servers and thus receive the maximum possible computing and transmission capabilities.
    • Efficient communication protocols: Efficient communication protocols that allow intelligent caching of query results on the client and intelligent consolidation of similar results enable users to access the system even via low-bandwidth network connections.
    • Cloud capability: The architecture patterns used also give the FACTON EPC platform its cloud capability, providing users with the advantages of a private or public cloud.

    To present the broad spectrum of services in real time – from product costing to component part analysis all the way to cost overviews for entire departments or enterprises – users need to have fast, easy access to data at various levels of granularity. The FACTON EPC platform makes this possible. In addition to efficient processing of individual calculations, it offers numerous options for swift access to the entire database. This is achieved using a column cache, which integrates technologies commonly found in in-memory databases directly into the FACTON EPC platform.

    FACTON EPC also takes a new approach to describing cost objects and the calculation logic. Many systems hide object and logic definitions in software code that can only be understood by software developers. But FACTON EPC describes costing objects and the calculation logic in Domain Specific Language Cost#. Even users can understand this innovative language. This makes adding enhancements to the logic and, consequently, to the FACTON EPC software fast and easy, without the need to roll out extensive software implementation projects.

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