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Including the carbon footprint of products in cost estimates and quotation calculations


CO2 calculation for products  

Regulatory requirements on product characteristics, the consumption of energy and raw materials, and the demand for goods produced in an environmentally friendly way - at different points in the product life cycle, the inseparability of profitability and sustainability becomes apparent. FACTON EPC delivers synergy effects in product cost accounting and the product carbon footprint.

Learn how sustainability and profitability are brought together through product costing.

Whitepaper: Calculate Product Carbon Footprint

FACTON EPC enables companies with extensive value creation processes to evaluate the product carbon footprint along the costing structure quickly and to focus on critical success factors for a sustainable and successful business.

Calculating product costs and emissions in parallel

With FACTON EPC, cost engineers, and sustainability teams calculate product costs and emissions from product creation to quotation as a basis for production decisions and reporting. 

Watch our video to learn how to optimize supply chain offerings with a product carbon footprint, identify CO2 reduction potential, and comply with regulatory requirements.

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Combining product costs and the carbon footprint of products 

The goals of climate-neutral production pose a challenge for profitability accounting. A joint cost calculation and emissions assessment approach help avoid conflicting cost accounting goals.

Sustainable Product Costing Icons (8)

Take advantage of included, location-specific emission
for calculating direct and indirect emissions.


Sustainable Product Costing Icons (12)

Leverage emissions values in reporting,
, and cost estimates.

Sustainable Product Costing Icons (13)

Use of material-related emission
in the calculation.


Sustainable Product Costing Icons (14)

Comparison of different scenarios
to make optimal decisions.

Indirect emissions

60-90% of total emissions are caused by indirect emissions from materials. Capture indirect emissions with FACTON EPC

  • Manage the total emission factor of purchased materials and raw materials.
  • Use of emission factors depending on location and validity
  • Automatic re-evaluation of emission factor when changing location

Direct emissions

Track direct emissions at cost centers to calculate manufacturing-related costs and emissions. 

  • Administer emission factor on cost centers (machine activity)
  • Emission factor can be administered depending on the location and validity
  • Change and compare production locations

Successfully calculating sustainability

Free white paper: Assessment of CO2 emissions at the Product Level

How the Manufacturing Industry Combines Sustainability and Profitability

Free white paper: Assessment of CO2 emissions at the Product Level

Blog: Update EPC Cost Management

Learn how to achieve sustainable growth.

Blog: Update EPC Cost Management

Free On-Demand Webinar

How to assess and aggregate CO2 emissions for machinery and equipment along the costing structure?

Free On-Demand Webinar