Our customers and success stories

Automotive, aerospace, machine and plant engineering, high-tech and electronics – our customers come from many sectors of the manufacturing industry. Both SMEs and large corporations use FACTON EPC. What they share is a need for technical and commercial control of their extensive development processes for complex products.


Success Stories: Summary and Download

Bühler Motor GmbH

Bühler Motor GmbH – product costs under control


With FACTON...

  • Bühler Motor controls its product costs across the entire product life cycle.
  • Bühler Motor identifies and eliminates cost drivers during the early develoment stage.
  • Bühler Motor employees all over the world have access to up-to-date cost information.
  • Bühler Motor uses harmonised costing methods across all its departments.
  • Bühler Motor speeds up its costing process.

Hettich Prepares Quotations, Project Analyses and Cost Breakdowns Quickly and Reliably with FACTON EPC


Hettich Uses FACTON EPC to

  • Professionalize its quotation calculations
  • Consolidate its database
  • Enhance collaboration across different departments and standardize calculation efforts at its international branch offices
  • Costs complex projects with many part variants and quantity scenarios

MANN+HUMMEL GmbH – standardised procedures for its global operations


With FACTON...

  • MANN+HUMMEL has streamlined its data management across alldivisions worldwide.
  • MANN+HUMMEL keeps control of its machine hour rates and boosts its profits.
  • MANN+HUMMEL controls the costs of its products across their entire lifecycle.
  • MANN+HUMMEL can take decisions based on reliable figures and Facts.
Roto Frank

Roto Frank - Crystal Clear Costs


FACTON EPC enables

  • Roto to manage, compare and evaluate cost data for numerous components.
  • Roto to establish enterprise-wide, uniform costing standards.
  • Roto to defi ne target costs for any element in the bill of materials and detect deviations early on.
  • Roto to prepare reliable and comparable calculations and analyses for its global sites.
  • Employees in different departments and locations to work together efficiently.

Vibracoustic now estimates costs for complex projects in a matter of minutes


  • Provides cost transparency for Vibracoustic
  • Unifies costing processes for Vibracoustic
  • Enables Vibracoustic to work across multiple locations and countries
  • Helps Vibracoustic obtain solid results
  • Enables Vibracoustic to cost complex projects with many part variants and quantity scenarios
PFW Aerospace

PFW Aerospace boosts its profitability


With FACTON ...

  • PFW Aerospace covers the entire spectrum from design costing to final costing
  • automates PFW a variety of calculations, including the area of one-time costs
  • decreased PFW the use of resources despite increased demands

Our customers

FACTON EPC has specially been developed for companies in the manufacturing sector. FACTON customers who use proactive cost management (excerpt): 



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