Cost transparency with FACTON EPC

is the key to maintaining a competitive edge in the aerospace industry

With FACTON EPC, aerospace companies can achieve full transparency and control over product costs despite increasing product complexity, rapid technological change and exposure to risk in development and manufacturing processes. This, in turn, enables them to make quick and informed decisions.

Increasing competition in a globalized environment, shrinking budgets for defense and aerospace projects, and a growing backlog of commercial aircraft are just a few of the challenges facing the aerospace industry today.  


FACTON EPC helps aerospace companies respond more quickly and flexibly to these challenges while meeting rising customer demands and stricter regulation requirements.  


These challenges take on an entirely new dimension considering the fact that today’s aerospace industry develops and manufactures some of the most sophisticated products in the world. Aerospace products are not only extremely complex, they are also characterized by rapid technological innovation cycles, advanced new materials and new manufacturing processes. Developing and manufacturing these products involves uncertainties and risks in terms of costs, and EPC can help eliminate these uncertainties. 


FACTON EPC: Full cost transparency as the basis for faster, better-informed decisions

To compete in today’s global market, aerospace companies must be able to identify business consequences arising from decisions made in the product development process and take the appropriate actions to optimize costs. This means that cost information must always be clearly visible and understandable for everyone involved in the process. FACTON EPC provides the basis for this clarity with an enterprise-wide platform that enables businesses to evaluate relevant factors such as materials and manufacturing processes or suppliers that need to be integrated.  


FACTON EPC allows companies to quickly evaluate and optimize development and production costs: Financial evaluations of alternative manufacturing processes, design options and materials used can be compared and analyzed in terms of their costs. 


FACTON EPC also gives companies in the aerospace industry the transparency they need for all of their cost information. Changes in customer requirements can be implemented quickly and accurately.



Best Practice

Learn how PFW Aerospace boosts its profitability with FACTON EPC by covering the entire spectrum from design costing to final costing with one solution.

Case Study: PFW Aerospace