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Enterprise Product Costing in the Aerospace Industry


With FACTON's enterprise solution, aerospace companies achieve end-to-end transparency and control of product costs despite high product complexity, rapid technology change, and risky development and manufacturing processes. They use comprehensible cost structures to implement measures to reduce production costs in a coordinated team effort.

“We were able to significantly expand our menu of costing options. Now we cover the entire spectrum from design costing to final costing.”
- Peter Baumann, PFW Aerospace

Case Study: PFW Aerospace boosts its profitability


Precise assessment of the production costs

Taking into account that the aerospace industry develops highly complex products, the challenges lie in short technological innovation cycles, the use of new materials, and changing manufacturing processes such as additive manufacturing. The development and manufacture of products are associated with fluctuations in raw material or production costs, which can be estimated more quickly through cost transparency.

With FACTON EPC, companies in the aerospace industry increase their efficiency in product costing. They automate processes and cover the entire spectrum from design costing to final costing.

Best Practices

Case Study: PFW Aerospace

PFW Aerospace uses FACTON EPC to increase its cost-effectiveness by covering the spectrum from design costing to post-calculation.

Case Study: PFW Aerospace

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White paper: The Path to a Profit-oriented Enterprise

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