FACTON EPC in the automotive industry

Maximum cost transparency

FACTON EPC helps OEMs and their suppliers make their costs transparent, thereby enabling them to quickly and accurately assess the impact of various decisions on their cost situation.

Enterprises need a transparent, rapidly available overview of costs in order to evaluate alternative locations, manufacturing processes or suppliers. They must be able to access consistent, clear cost information at every stage of product development – from the initial idea right through to series production.


Whether a company needs to provide an OEM with a transparent sales proposal in response to an open book accounting request, relocate its production to a different plant or evaluate a supplier’s offer using a purchased part price analysis: The prerequisite for success is full cost transparency that benefits all areas of business.


FACTON EPC gives companies in the automotive industry the cost transparency they need and enables them to make quick decisions based on accurate information. For instance, the enterprise-wide costing application allows businesses to perform quotation calculations at any time taking into consideration the most recent evaluations of decisions from development, the most current pricing information from purchasing and the parameters from the respectively planned manufacturing processes and locations.



Best Practice

Learn how the automotive supplier Vibracoustic now estimates costs for complex projects in a matter of minutes  with FACTON EPC.

Case Study: Vibracoustic