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Agile Cost Estimation and Quotation Calculation in the Automotive Industry

Fast assessment of product and quotation costs for OEMs and their suppliers

FACTON EPC helps OEMs, and their suppliers, make their costs transparent, enabling them to quickly and accurately assess the impact of various decisions on their cost situation.

Manufacturing companies need a transparent, rapidly available overview of costs to evaluate alternative locations, manufacturing processes or suppliers. At the same time, they should be able to access consistent, clear cost information at every stage of product development - from the initial idea to series production.

How product costs and product-related emissions are assessed in parallel


Whether a supplier prepares a plausible quotation for the OEM as part of open book accounting or the OEM has to evaluate a supplier's quotation as part of its purchased parts price analysis. The prerequisite for success is full cost transparency that benefits all business areas.

Case Study: Vibracoustic calculates product costs in a few minutes

With FACTON EPC, companies in the automotive industry achieve higher cost transparency and are able to make decisions quickly and based on precise information

The enterprise software enables suppliers to calculate quotations based on currently evaluated design decisions. Change requests remain traceable, and quotation data transferred to the manufacturer at the push of a button.

Companies consider valid price information from purchasing at any time and determine the parameters of planned manufacturing processes and locations.

Best Practices

Case Study: Vibracoustic

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Case Study: Vibracoustic

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