Ensure purchasing success

with FACTON EPC Should Costing

FACTON EPC Should Costing helps purchasing agents successfully implement their purchasing strategies: The detailed purchased part price analysis creates a solid basis for negotiations with suppliers. Moreover, FACTON Content provides your purchasing department with integrated external benchmark data.


Solid purchased part price analyses with FACTON EPC Should Costing

The FACTON EPC Should Costing solution lets you quickly and transparently create purchased part price analyses that remain coherent throughout the entire product life cycle. The software’s structured organization and easy handling enable every user to prepare solid analyses – not just technical experts. The general nature of the data also enables non-technical employees to map a best practice price for their products and generate fast and precise cost analyses.


Valid benchmark data accelerates analyses

FACTON EPC Should Costing features benchmark data content for dependable, external comparative data. There are many data records available on material, wage and overhead costs as well as machine data.


Your Advantage at a Glance

  • Rapid deployment

  • Maximum user-friendliness

  • Target-based costing

  • Integrated benchmark data

  • Transparent presentation of overhead costs

  • Consistent action management 

The FACTON Should Costing solution is based on the modern FACTON EPC platform:

  • High scalability

  • Offline capability

  • Integrated reporting

  • Easy on-premises operation

  • Secure use in the Cloud


Manage your purchasing negotiations with FACTON EPC Should Costing to enhance your profitability, flexibility and competitiveness.


Best Practice

Find out how a consistent purchased part price analysis within the EPC approach helps you to achieve the best prices for purchased parts and components.

Whitepaper: Should Costing

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