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    Automate and accelerate the quotation process with FACTON EPC

    Automatically transfer data from the internal calculation to the quotation template


    During the quotation process, suppliers are expected to disclose their quotation costs. For the quotation breakdown, internal calculations have to be created with a high manual effort in order to finally transfer the data into the external quotation template. The entire process is time-consuming and has a high potential for error.

    You want to accelerate and automate your quotation process?

    Learn in our webinar how to use the different costing types in FACTON EPC to create external quote calculations based on official quote templates.

    Agenda of the webinar:

    • From internal calculation to quotation
    • Create & present costing types
    • Exporting costing types to external quotation templates
    • Behind the scenes: Configuration

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    Katharina Gador

    Manager Marketing & Product Management


    Global Sales Director