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    The Value of Precision Cost Estimating and Quoting

    How to assign confidence levels to costs through the calculation process


    With increasing business demand and complexity involved in manufacturing cost estimation, comes the need for greater standardization, data accuracy, and systematic costing methods. 

    In the webinar video we show the value of using calculation methods of different degrees of precision. A top-down perspective allows the calculation to start with broad assembly structures and then be refined down to the last component. 

    In this webinar on demand, you will learn:

    • The value in assigning confidence levels to costs through the calculation process.
    • How precision quoting helps to quickly identify potential estimation risks and cost reduction opportunities.

    To access the free webinar video, please complete the form on this page. We will then send you an email with the link to the webinar on demand.


    Miriam Korn

    Event Specialist


    Business Development

    Stefan Zorn

    Director Product Management and Marketing