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Next-Level Cost Engineering: Automate Workflows with 3D CAD Integration

Accelerate your design-to-cost processes by up to 80%


Bring your cost engineering to the next level!

Cost engineering faces an extensive and time-consuming decision-making process to actively manage and optimize product costs. Engineers spend a lot of time gathering information from meetings, drawings, and benchmark data and using various tools. Media disruptions and a lack of data integration lead to avoidable errors in the cost assessment of productions. 

FACTON EPC and automation platforms such as Synera support rapid cost estimation based on 3D CAD integration. Low-code and open platforms enable cost engineers to automate costing processes with "out-of-the-box" workflows - without extensive programming. Cost-side effects due to changes in cycle time and product quantities can be quickly recorded via the workflow and the decision-making process for optimizing production costs can be accelerated.

Learn in our webinar:

  • What are the challenges for cost engineering and procurement?
  • Why is an automated process in cost engineering necessary? 
  • How can cost estimation be automated to ensure speed and repeatability in cost engineering?
  • How do you integrate FACTON EPC cost models in your costing robot? 

This webinar is aimed at all Cost Engineers, Design Engineers, and Purchasers who want to navigate flexibly through the cost nodes in product development and purchasing, create costing workflows, and easily observe costing effects on changes in product design and manufacturing processes. 



Katharina Gador

Manager Marketing & Product Management


Senior Manager Marketing & Product Management