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Update EPC Cost Management: How to achieve growth with sustainability

09/05/2022, Author: Tino Riedel

Do you want to reliably assess the profitability and sustainability of your production? With the new version 13, FACTON EPC Cost Management now also supports the assessment of product-related emissions alongside design and quotation-related costing.

In addition, we ship enhancements that enable even more efficient calculations in the application. Special attention is paid to profitability and investment calculation. Further efforts have also been made to improve the security of the application. FACTON EPC Cost Management now supports token-based authentication methods and has improved the encryption of communications and the management of user-related data.

Read the article that summarizes what updates we have included in the main version of our EPC Cost Management solution and for what purpose you can use it.

Assessment of product-related emissions

Almost every manufacturing company is currently investing in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. An essential prerequisite is knowledge of the company- and product-related emissions. With the new Sustainable Product Costing module, we provide you with valuable support in evaluating your product-related emissions.

In our current software version, we have focused on determining the indirect emissions of machines, affecting the CO₂ footprint mainly through energy consumption. Users can easily compare different sites with different emission factors and energy prices in the application. Emissions are aggregated along with the product structure via the CO₂e parameter (FACTON EPC adopts the CO₂-equivalent (CO₂e) to standardize greenhouse gases in terms of their impact on the climate).

Watch the video to see how easy it is to assess product-related emissions

HubSpot Video



How to evaluate product-related emissions in FACTON EPC?

Users of FACTON EPC complete the assessment of product-related emissions in two steps, with the second step being almost automatic.

  1. Users administer the emission factors depending on the location and the consumption parameters in the batch data administration.
  2. In the project, the module automatically performs the calculation alongside the calculation structure.

Changes to project assumptions, such as location or location-dependent emission types (e.g., electricity mix A vs. electricity mix B) directly affect the product-related emissions and costs.

The Sustainable Product Costing module is an extension of our EPC Cost Management solution and will be continuously enhanced with additional functions. Among other things, we plan the assessment of emissions from purchased parts and materials for the next versions (Scope 3 upstream according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol).

SPC Key Visual - 1 Col Box (1)

Sustainable Product Costing - Learn in the webinar video how CO₂ emissions from machinery and plants are assessed and summarized along the costing structure.  >> Access to Webinar


Extensions for profitability and investment calculation

Users now have access to new functions for profitability and investment calculation that makes the evaluation of projects more efficient. The enhancements reduce the manual effort required to determine the project result, simplify workflows and increase the reliability of the results.

Enhancements for profitability and investment calculation in FACTON EPC:

  • Multi-project handling of cash-in and cash-out data for investments in the batch data administration
  • Display of profitability ratios and cash flow as a separate category in the batch data administration
  • Administer payment rules for investments in system settings
  • Dynamic modification of the cash-in and cash-out dates based on payment rules

Higher security standards for authentication and data exchange

FACTON EPC now supports token-based methods based on the OAuth 2.0 protocol (Open Authorization) in addition to the existing authentication methods.

Additionally, encrypted communication between client and server is now active by default in the system settings.

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White paper: Cost forecasting with enterprise product costing


Improved usability for cost estimates and quotation calculation

Learn more about the usability improvements we can implement thanks to direct customer feedback.

  • Users can directly display the delta for selected properties in the project structure comparison
  • The synchronization of entries in batch data administration has been simplified and contains no more implicit rules that control synchronization.
  • The EPC software features an extended and flexible search function in the purchased parts dialog. Among other things, any text properties for purchased parts can be configured and used for a quick search.
  • Documentation for web reporting is now available online.


Leverage FACTON EPC to make cost management of your products and projects an essential part of your digital business strategy.

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Tino Riedel

Tino Riedel

Senior Product Manager | FACTON