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Customer Interview with Ralf Kant, Porsche AG


Porsche is a longtime customer of FACTON and uses our EPC Cost Management solution since 2007. In an interview at FACTON Cost Smarter - the conference for Enterprise Product Costing, Ralf Kant, Senior Product Calculator at Porsche, shares an insight how the OEM uses the costing software.


Already in 2007 Porsche decided for FACTON EPC and implemented our software for cost calculation. Many more companies also joined over the years. Whether it is a question of calculating offer, product, investment or service costs - the reasons why enterprises from different industries choose an "all-in-one" solution for cost management are varied. The advantages of EPC systems, however, are the same for everyone:

Keep an overview through central administration and controlling

Manage product costs in development, purchasing and sales on a uniform basis? With software solution for enterprise-wide product costing, enterprises cover the needs of their calculation processes through all business areas. Users optimize business processes, and reduce administrative costs. Isolated solutions for cost calculation are no longer necessary and are replaced by all-in-one solution.

Maintain data without additional effort

Cost-relevant data from different systems and sources? No doubt, this leads to an inconsistent view on costs and different targets. With an EPC solution, companies avoid multiple entry and maintenance of cost data at different locations. This minimizes the risk of errors caused by manual transfers and inconsistencies.

Fast and secure information exchange through networking

Complete solutions lead to more networking. Structures and processes become more transparent in all enterprise areas because, for example, procurement and controlling access the relevant data via one system. This is done quickly and easily without additional information channels such as e-mails or meetings. Interfaces to third-party systems support the exchange of data. Companies improves internal communication because every employee has access to the information pool if necessary.

….and more cost transparency within the enterprise

Networking does not only simplify the exchange between the departments. Employees at different locations access the same information at any time. The departments avoid the exchange of outdated or incorrect tables and strengthen the enterprise-wide overview of costs using a complete system. Product or offer costs can be mapped reliably across all departments and locations and, if required, over the entire lifecycle. The result is increased cost transparency and the reliability of cost accounting and estimation.


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Karl-Heinrich Deppe

Business Development | FACTON