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Calculate Estimates and Quotations Based on Take Rates


Especially, automotive suppliers frequently have to assess and provide parts for different programs and model ranges with different take rates within one delivery volume. Previously, changes in program requirements such as volume planning or program period were calculated outside FACTON EPC and updated in the calculations later. This changes in version 12.

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Learn more about Take Rates

To increase supplier companies’ planning security, the manufacturer of the Enterprise Product Costing (EPC) Suite FACTON has extended its EPC Cost Management Solution by the module of programs and take rates. As of now, it is possible to manage programs with different volume scenarios and assign them to a multi-project.

alexander-m-swoboda-chief-executive-officer-facton“Customer-specific program data and take rates can now be managed and calculated more efficiently with our EPC standard solution. The advantage for companies is that they can submit quotations to their customers more quickly and react more flexibly to changes”, says Alexander M. Swoboda, CEO of FACTON.

Every product calculation can establish the development of quantities and the production time based on product-specific take rates. Customer-induced changes of the program data can be modified easily and updated in the multi-project. Quantities are established automatically based on the new requirements. This saves time and ensures everybody is calculating using the latest customer data and quantity scenarios. Production programs with customized delivery volumes and program periods as well as the corresponding volume scenarios can be directly displayed in the EPC software solution.

Watch our demo video to learn how automotive supplier Auria Solutions uses Take Rates for estimating and quoting.

Take Rates at Auria Solutions



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