Cost Planning and Forecasting

    More dynamics for successful corporate management


    Cost planning and forecasting for a dynamic corporate management

    Software manufacturer FACTON has published a new white paper on the use of cost and scenario analyses in financial planning and corporate management.

    For globally operating manufacturing companies, forecasts and cost analyses are a requirement in financial planning and corporate management in order to be able to evaluate new investments, project plans and bid submissions and the financial consequences thereof.

    In its recently published white paper, FACTON, manufacturer of the Enterprise Product Costing (EPC) suite, discusses guidelines of reliable cost analyses and their scenarios. "For reliable corporate management, project cost modelling provides the best conditions for comprehensively assessing the opportunities and risks of long-term supply agreements or new investments," says Alexander M. Swoboda, CEO of FACTON.


    The white paper takes into account key requirements for a dynamic corporate management such as collaborative working on cost projects and the immediate availability of project and financial key figures.

    Contents of the white paper

    • Conditions for meaningful cost analyses
    • Checking projects with company-wide distributed cost data
    • Preparing decision papers quickly and reliably
    • Evaluating large-scale procurement projects in context
    • Checking costs of long-term contracts over the contractual period
    • Reducing time for decision-making

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    Katharina Gador

    Content Marketing & PR Manager


    Sales Director | FACTON