FACTON offers EPC Design Costing in the PTC Marketplace

    FACTON positions its EPC Design Costing software with one of the leading global IoT platforms


    Potsdam-based software manufacturer and creator of the FACTON EPC Enterprise Product Costing solution is offering its FACTON EPC Design Costing software directly to PTC partners and customers in the PTC Marketplace. This will position FACTON with one of the leading global IoT platform providers.

    Effective immediately, FACTON is delivering its EPC platform-based Design Costing software via the PTC Marketplace– a move that will strengthen FACTON’s presence in the industrial Internet of Things application landscape. PTC is an international pioneer in the development of IoT platforms for industry and supplies its partners and customers with technologies and software solutions through its digital marketplace.

    “PTC is driving the widespread use of IoT in industrial applications. Our product costing software enables us to play a key role in helping companies connect the physical and digital worlds so that they can profitably prepare cost calculations and quotations throughout the entire life cycle,” says Alexander M. Swoboda, Chief Executive Officer of FACTON GmbH.

    FACTON and PTC have collaborated since 2018. PTC’s Windchill Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is integrated in FACTON’s Design Costing solution. The ThingWorx Navigate app aggregates costing and PLM data to ensure enterprise-wide visibility of product structures and costing information.

    PTC’s PLM customers can leverage costing data from a single application and calculate enterprise and product costs more quickly and precisely. The integration is already complete and ready for operation.

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    Katharina Gador

    Content Marketing & PR Manager


    Sales Director | FACTON