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    FACTON EPC Business Case Simulator Demo

    Create project scenarios automatically and use results and KPIs in real time


    Discover in the software product video the features of the EPC Business Case Simulator 

    With the FACTON EPC Business Case Simulator (BCS) you can quickly identify the opportunities and risks of a project and check how new parameters influence the calculation.

    The BCS is an enterprise solution for evaluating economic and financial scenarios during the quoting process. It is typically used by Sales (Key Account Management) and Finance in the preparation phase of project screening meetings. But it can also be used to build ad hoc scenarios in meetings if required.

    In the video you will learn about the BCS:

    • Structure of the user interface and handling of the software
    • Automated simulations of projects and results in real time
    • Calculations based on given economic and financial assumptions
    • Creation and adaptation of ad hoc scenarios 
    • Demonstration of different use cases – for example simulating currency exchange rates, changes in working capital (DSO, DPO, DIO), increase or decrease of material cost and labour cost, sales price adjustments (long-term agreements), changes in production quantities (volumes), spending curves of OpEx and CapEx, and more

    With the FACTON EPC Business Case Simulator unlimited scenarios can be created, compared and versioned. The financial and economic development of the project is transparent throughout the lifecycle.

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