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    FACTON EPC Project & Service Calculation Demo

    Quotation costing and cost estimation of projects, services and other intangible products


    Watch the product video and see the features of the EPC Project & Service Calculation

    With the FACTON EPC Project & Service Calculation (PSC) software you can calculate for example consulting services, development efforts or SaaS offers over the lifecycle and easily identify technical and economic risks.

    The PSC is an enterprise solution based on the FACTON EPC platform for the preliminary costing of intangible products. It can easily be used as a source of information for costs, KPIs as well as for chances and risks of current and future projects.

    The following contents are waiting for you in the PSC video:

    • Design of the user interface and operating of the software
    • Creating calculations based on given economic and financial assumptions over lifetime
    • Identification and reduction of technical and economic risks

    With the FACTON EPC Project & Service Calculation you achieve consistent costing results, reduce your costs and increase your profitability.


    To access the free product video, please complete and submit the form on this page. Next, you can view and download the product video in your browser.



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