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    Calculation of product-related emissions

    What's new in FACTON EPC Cost Management Version 13


    The FACTON EPC Cost Management solution gets a new major update with version 13. We present the most important enhancements, including a demo of the new version, in this webinar.

    Learn how CO2 emissions for machinery and equipment can be assessed and aggregated along the costing structure. In addition, we will show you how investments can be distributed and edited more efficiently, as well as a variety of smaller improvements in our solution. 

    We present the following features:

    • Introduction to FACTON EPC Sustainable Product Costing
    • Administration of payment times for investments
    • Editing of investments in batch data administration
    • Display of absolute and relative differences of numerical values in project comparison
    • Other enhancements
    • Roadmap

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    Katharina Gador

    Content Marketing & PR Manager


    Sales Director | FACTON