Achieve Tangible Margin Expansion with FACTON EPC Cost Estimating & Quoting

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    Effective and Efficient Cost Estimating and Quoting can mean the difference between profit and loss based upon very slim margins in the motor vehicle industry. Most companies try to manage this with sophisticated spreadsheets that can be a nightmare to track with the myriad of changes in quotes and after SOP.

    FACTON helps global manufacturing companies turn cost estimating and quoting into a competitive advantage. Invest 60 minutes in securing your business success and learn in the video how we help our customers.

    Topics of the webinar:

    • What are the challenges of estimating and quoting using spreadsheets?
    • Benefits of using a world-class software application specifically designed to address these functions
    • A brief discussion of ROI realized by existing FACTON customers
    • Demonstration of the FACTON EPC Cost Management solution

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    Katharina Gador

    Manager Marketing & Product Management


    Global Sales Director