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    7 Ways to Win the Costing Game

    Company-wide product cost management


    Since 1998, FACTON has worked with manufacturing companies to improve product costing. Our findings indicate that most companies have a focus on procurement, production, product development, and sales. These areas generally have entrenched IT applications: ERP, CRM, PLM and CAD. However, costing is often viewed as a secondary process and receives too little attention, frequently managed with Excel.

    Companies that win the costing game have a highly developed costing approach for delivering the necessary calculations and data in order to make future-oriented decisions– not just backward-looking analyses (target/actual comparisons).
    In this webinar you will learn:

    • How to assess your current state in costing.
    • Why Excel falls short in company-wide cost management,.
    • How FACTON Enterprise Product Costing (EPC) provides the support and tools, efficient product costing needs.


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