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Brexit Case Study: How Can Manufacturers Calculate & Avoid Customs Duties?

Precise and realistic analysis and calculation of additional product costs due to tariffs


Brexit Impact Assessment

How will Brexit affect your business? Companies with economic ties to the United Kingdom are well positioned in these unstable circumstances if they are aware of the impact of the exit on their cost structures:

  • To what extent do customs duties influence direct material costs of purchased parts or the profit margins of finished goods?
  • How does the cost structure of a product change when the UK is the most important export market?
  • Is the cost pressure so high that the logistics network must be changed, the supply chain adapted, or the production site relocated?

A realistic impact assessment requires a company-wide view of even the smallest part of the product, continuous calculations and the calculation of alternative production scenarios.

The webinar on demand "Brexit impact assessment - precise and realistic analysis and calculation of additional product costs due to customs duties" shows how alternative supply chains can be realistically assessed in the event of a relocation or a change of supplier. Learn how to perform product costing in global supply chains to account for all costs and how customs duties for purchased parts or subprojects are automatically calculated

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Katharina Gador

Manager Marketing & Product Management


Global Sales Director