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    Controlling Information Chaos in Cost Engineering

    How to organize cost engineering for in-house produced parts and purchased parts


    Corporate financial management is moving away from the spreadsheet environment into ERP controlled systems for most Tier 1’s and OEMs. Complex PLM systems have taken over engineering and product design. Cost engineering is the last frontier still primarily relying on spreadsheets to conduct business which creates “information chaos” and leads to departmental inefficiencies, inaccuracies etc.

    In the webinar video we show the value of organized cost engineering for in-house produced parts as well as parts purchased from other suppliers. A standardized approach with a centralized database can help cost engineering departments control the information chaos.

    In this webinar on demand, you will learn:

    • Methods to eliminate spreadsheets and control information chaos in cost engineering
    • The value in understanding the cost of a purchased part
    • Advances in Enterprise Product Costing

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