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Medical Devices: How to Achieve Zero Failure with 100% Cost Control

The webinar video shows how manufacturers of medical technology can control and reduce product costs and thus produce more profitably


Zero failure with 100% cost control has become a necessity for medical devices and medical technology. Why’s that?

Due to their critical application, ‘zero failure’ are expected from medical devices during operation. To minimize the risks, the medical technology and medical device industry is bound with tough quality and regulatory hurdles. These hurdles along with the globalization has put enormous cost pressure.

To balance between innovation, product development, quality and profit, ‘100% cost control’ throughout the product cycle is the necessity. Comprehensive cost management that delivers strategic insights for decisions in every step of the calculation process and throughout the product life cycle is becoming a critical success factor.

Like other industries, BME (biomedical engineering) and the medical device industry also need to pay attention to the detailed design of their product ranges, looking for opportunities to eliminate excess cost to gain flexibility to sell profitably in price-conscious markets. Medical device makers need to rethink their product development process in terms of reducing costs, better transparency between supplier and device maker and effective cost tracking for OpEx, CapEx and regulatory investments are key.

Agenda of the webinar:

  • Introduction
  • Current challenges that we perceive in the market and how we solve them
  • Live presentation of different uses cases for the cost calculation
  • Summary
  • Q&A

In this webinar our experts Florian Schlögl (Account Director | FACTON) and Sada Hebbar (Pre-Sales Consultant | FACTON) present how medical device manufacturers can manage their success in a highly regulated and volatile market environment. The presentation includes a live demonstration of our FACTON EPC software and concludes with a Q&A session.

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Katharina Gador

Manager Marketing & Product Management


Global Sales Director