Sustainability Management

    Learn how your company acts in a truly sustainable way


    Being sustainable starts long before the goods are delivered

    Learn how a sustainability can touch operational ground on engineering level, re-using enhanced methods and tools known from cost management.

    When exactly in a product life cycle does sustainability have to be taken into account?

    Our webinar video shows how to reliably answer the following questions:

    • We are planning to set up a sustainability and circular economy strategy. How can we get this strategy down to operational level? 
    • We need analytics and reporting on sustainability KPIs. How can we pull the base information? 
    • CO2 plays a fast increasing role in terms of cost and impact on our business. How can we manage this over the entire lifecycle? 
    • How can we enable ideation and product design to also reflect requirements, that are driven by sustainability? 

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    Katharina Gador

    Manager Marketing & Product Management


    Global Sales Director